tips for better photos of your kids

Here's some great ideas for taking simple pictures of your kids. They are based on my 1 hour workshop in aid of Barnados Children's charity.

Tips for better photos of your kids. Professional photographer robert Auckland reveals his top tips to help you take natural, unposed pictures that work every time.
Photography tip to easily make great photos of your children. Get out of the sun and into the shade! Swap harsh Shadows on faces for soft flattering light in the shade. Your eye compensates for harsh shadows but your camera cnat do this. Force yourself to head for the shade at it will transfrom your portraits.
Simple tips and ideas for better photos of your kids. What light through yonder window breaks?Turn off the room lights and get your kids to look towards a window. Avoid direct sunlight and stand 8ft back from the window for a soft flattering light. Rembrandt painted using this classic light.
Easy ideas for better phototography of your familyWell and truly tickled! Asking people to smile works for a little while but tickling gets them laughing for a ot longer. Lying down and shooting from above works briliantly. The floor is usually a single tone,clear backdropand the light is soft and even.
Ways to make great pictures of your kids. Plan for fun! Simple, Natural activities where kids can flow and forget about the camera. Bubbles, bug hunting and rope swings all fit the bill! You'll have so much time to make great pictures!  <a href=""></a>
Really easy Tips for great pictures of your children. See the world ffrom a child's perspective. Kneel or lie down in the grasss to shoot from kids eye level. Your pictures will show you were in the moment with them!
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