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There is so much information available on the internet to help you improve your photography. Remember that when you learn you are building new habits. Habits for seeing and for different techniques. The key is to practice each habit straight after you learn it. This will help you get a big  step closer to building the habit. Then you need to practice specifically that habit/technique when you next use your camera -even if it means taking WORSE photographs. After 3,4, or 5 times the habit will start to become automatic. If you can build 3 new habits in this fashion, one at a time you will start to notice a radical improvement in your photography. Good luck. So here are my pick of the best non-trivial , clearly explained resources out there. Substance over presentation ! Most of these resources are free but I include one or two great paid resources.

Basic Photography

Improve photography-  Simple down to Earth good advice from a brilliant photography teacher who explains more clearly than anyone else!  .  Go to the Articles tab of the main menu. Click Beginner and scroll down to the quick links for 1. Exposure, 2. Aperture, 3. Shutter Speed. You can read these articles free on the website or pay to download ebooks on similar content if you want to take the words away to read away from the internet.


Eric Kim  - Eric recently shut his Instagram account with 60,000 followers and prefers to shoot street images for himself rather than all his followers. He understands the importance of a few simple things in photography. His analysis go the work of the great photojournalists is awesome . Start on the Composition section of his site.

Using Flash

David Hobby - The Strobist - Press photographer who challenged himself to master off-camera flash. He explains the fleeting mystery of flash photography so beautifully simply. Better than anyone else. Get over the age of the site the content is out of this world if you want to master flash photography.  He also explains how to light on a budget. 

Photography gear

Mark Condon - Shotkit - A peek inside the bags of the most famous photographers, with explanations as to why they use each piece of gear.

Best paid resource

Beware you can spend a lot on really obvious material!

Photzy is written by Ken duFault - he is a professional photographer with a great wealth of experience. The books are long but beautifully well explained with good activities to try and they are around £15 as opposed to lots of material at over £150. There is quite a lot of free material. You need to give your email to obtain it ,but i did not regret doing so! His composition ebook is the best, headshots is also well worth a look.

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