Where are you based?

Near to  Bath but I work all over the place! My  last 4 weddings have been in Bath, London, Manchester and Sherbourne.

How do I book?

I'll send you a contract. Do read it - hopefully it's nice and clear. Sign up and pay a £400 deposit to secure your wedding date.

Are you insured?

Yes I have public liability insurance.

Do you carry back up cameras?

Yes. Fuji Professional Cameras and back up bodies and lenses

Do you back up the images you take?

Yes. I back up ceremony images to a laptop during the reception, if possible. I also back up images to hard drive each evening. My hard drive backs up to a spare drive and a remote location.

Why does photography cost a lot?

Processing the images is the main reason. For a days shoot most photographers will spend 2 days processing the images in Lightroom and Photoshop. I also spend typically a day prior to the shoot reccying location, talking to couples, and brainstorming and trying out ideas for pictures.

Are assistants and 2nd photographers a good idea?

Assistants are really helpful to speed along large group photos, their moral support and creative ideas at the end of long shoots definitely improve the group shots and couple portraits. 2nd shooters are really useful to cover groom getting ready as well as bride,for large weddings or multi location weddings. You will receive twice as many images with 2 photographers.

If your wedding is a small wedding where a reportage is the most important part and you don't want lots of group shots then a single photographer is likely to be the best bet.

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