"It is more important to click with the people than it is with the shutter" Alfred Eisenstaedt  

about my photography so far....

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I began working as a photojournalist for the Cherwell student newspaper as a student at Oxford University. Then a career as a features photographer for newspapers and magazines. Here I clocked up well over 10,000 hours in 4 years, and gained front pages on a number of national papers and magazines. Making striking images quickly from nothing was the order of the day!

My real passion is photographing people and I was then lucky enough to work for the National Trust doing just this. For the last four years I have put my experience as a photojournalist to work searching out the unique moments in a couples day so that they can savour them forever.

I genuinely care about every every wedding and every family that  I have the honour to photograph. This is at the core of what I do. I am in it to help couples and families rekindle every emotion,every detail, every moment that made up their day. Doing this is what makes me happy. A few kind words…..tears after first viewing a set of pictures mean everything to me. I want to know about you and your story so far and this is why I meet every couple before the wedding. I want us to feel completely at ease in each others company. This is what makes great, relaxed pictures. One third of my time is devoted to learning, helping others develop their photography and to projects with no financial reward. This means that I approach every wedding with fresh eyes and new ideas.

About me .. in the garden with my children blowing giant bubbles....

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