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Running, jumping, making a noise and making a mess are where I make great photos, not staged, stuffy images set up quickly between lessons.

Authentic moments that tell prospective parents and pupils what it actually feels like to go to your  school are what matter to me. Lots of photos of lots of activities as they happen. I love the pace, the energy and the variety of activities experienced by a pupil at a good school and I'll  capture all of this. The mess of shaving foam and flour pouring activities in nursery, the wow moment on seeing a colourful flame in the chemistry lab or the determination on the faces on a wet muddy rugby pitch.  

flour fountain in nursery

flower waterfall
Untitled photo

We all remember our best teachers. I want to capture those teachers in flow, engaging and supporting the children in their class. Whether they are toasting their first marshmallow or encouraging someone to get on the stage and perform for the first time. An encouraging hand on a shoulder or a warm smile are what I am waiting for - these small details convey the care and devotion of the teachers in a school so much more than a cheesy image smiling to camera. 

encouragement from your teacher

Untitled photo

toasting marshmallows in outdoor space

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How I work

I spend one or two days, shooting lots and lots of images to get good expressions and great moments. Send me over a plan that fits into your school timetable and highlights your school's strengths. Then meet me for a video call so we can discuss exactly what you want. If you walk round the different areas of the school during the video call I can then bring the right lighting for the spaces you want to highlight.

Nice words about my work

"Rob spent a day and a half taking photos to build a library of current images to use on our website, social media and brochures. We have never had such good photos taken before! They captured the care and attention of the teachers and the nurturing nature of the school. We really liked the fact that the photos felt authentic and I am sure that they will make us stand out as a school." Lottie Richards, Heywood Prep and Nursery Marketing Co-ordinator

It definitely helps to see a what  a full gallery from a day of photography looks like, before booking.

Click on the photos below to see work from Cricklade and Heywood schools.

cricklade manor nursery and prep school

heywood nursery and prep school corsham

Want to know what makes great school marketing photos? Click the photo below to read my FAQ

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