cricklade manor prep school and nursery

The more fun, activities and learning I can dive into in a day, the better your school marketing photos will look.  Cricklade manor prep and nursery planned a packed day for me and were rewarded with a set of photos that I hope reflect the vibrant curriculum and energetic staff and students. Flame tests in fully equipped science labs, cascades of water and flour in the nursery, giant symmetrical charcoal spirographs and enthusiastic and encouraging teachers. They asked for "Photos, where the child does not know you are there, talking, laughing and NOT staged." The school also wanted photos to show their large nursery, the outdoor space right next door to the nursery and the wonderful sports facilities that prospective parents didn't always see when visiting or when driving past the school. Their fully equipped science labs are not often seen in prep schools so it made sense to bring lighting to get great photos there too.  So much of great school marketing photography depends on careful planning!

for a full gallery of all 300 or so images from the shoot click here

for a slideshow of the best images click here 

girls doing flame tests in chemistry

science at cricklade manor prep school
Wow - cool coloured flame!
pause for thought

making the most of the big green outdoor space next to the nursery

airplane racing
Untitled photo
cricklade manor nursery
nursery flour game played by three kids and cheerful teacher
bubble blowing beneath a blue sky
finding out about flowing water
Untitled photo

its difficult not to smile when you are strumming your ukulele

ukelele lesson
singing and playing the ukelele at cricklade manor prep school, cricklade nr swindon

an encouraging hand

Untitled photo
a deafeneing music lesson at cricklade manor prep where 5 kids make lots of noise
science at cricklade manor prep school
flame test
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