Documentary wedding photography

Here's  a brief insight into what documentary wedding photography is all about. Here is a good example of a documentary wedding picture. Its characterised by the fact that this wedding picture is unposed and not 'set-up' or orchestrated by the photographer. Documentary wedding pictures tell stories in all their splendour. Sometimes it's the individual image which tells the story, but often it is the whole set of wedding pictures which will tell the story of your day when they are laid out in a documentary wedding album, perhaps to look a little like the features in a sunday magazine supplement. The photos may not be perfect( but they more than make up for this in that they are sincere, honest and truthful and they are all about you and your wedding day.

Untitled photo

I'm not sure who rang (or didn't ring) in this picture, but I'll bet the guys in the image would recall in an instant what was being said - this is the power of such photography. These images have the power to take you back to your day, in an instant. Documentary wedding pictures are all about emotion. Capturing the moment matters more than technical perfection to most documentary photographers(although many any technically superb). The man who is always associated with this type of photography is Henri Cartier Bresson.....he coined the term 'the decisive moment'. His style of photography became very popular at weddings almost a decade ago and it still remains in demand (ironically the newspaper and magazine market, where Cartier Bresson flourished is now in decline). For some of the top exponents of the craft of documentary photography check out these sites.. Romanian photographer Sabina Ladin and Erica Mann from Two Mann studios..both people who constantly come up with lots of fresh angles and approaches and who I learn lots from following! There is an overlap between Documentary wedding photography and Vintage photography and if you want to know more about Vintage wedding pictures click here

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