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Appearing confident, approachable and friendly in your headshot photograph matters. Your customers will remember your headshot long after your CV, job description or 'about me' words have been forgotten.  First impressions do last so your headshot photography should be as good as it can be!

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Great headshots and business portraits are about using good light and a few tricks to get great expressions.

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How much does a headshot cost?

Individual  £225


a pre-shoot meet (in person or via Skype/phone) to discuss what you want, clothes, backgrounds and whether you prefer studio light or natural light.

2 hour shoot ( a studio lit indoor portrait and a natural light portrait , weather permitting)

200 photos taken

Hi res files of your  favourite 3 images fully retouched so the skin and colour are spot on (retouching  takes 30 minutes per headshot but it is worth it!)

an online gallery of your images (above are an individual gallery and a group gallery)

Because around 1 hour of the time is spent on saying hello, setting up studio lighting and scouting for great locations outside it makes good sense to shoot a number of headshots together. 

2 people £345

5 people £560

Further discounts apply to larger groups, please do ask for costs. Please allow 15 minutes for every extra person. If you require a different number of images retouching this also affects the cost. 

what should I wear for a headshot?

1. bring changes of your top. 3-5 different tops.

2. avoid patterns and logos.

3. for women less is more in terms of make-up and for men either clean shaven or 3 days of stubble, but not in-between !

Plain and classic clothes are best. Choose a colour which matches your eyes well.

In headshots the face and the eyes are really important and if you wear clothes with logos the eye heads straight to the logo.

Wearing a little less make than normal is best. Lighting and retouching the face well has a similar effect to adding a little more make up  to show your best features. Too much make up actually limits the lighting and retouching possibilities and can make the photographers job harder. 

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