bristol and bath wedding photography, becky and mike got married at folly farm, pensford

This wedding at the beautiful Folly Farm , nestled  in the countryside right in the middle of Bristol and Bath was the sunniest one I think I've photographed! Becky knew that this venue felt right when she first viewed it - so often the first feelings about a place prove to be right. Mike's Dad who is sadly no longer with us, would have loved this place with its emphasis on birds and nature  and choosing this wedding location was 'a way to be close to him on the day'.

Becky is a food technologist and Mike works for a San Francisco based company who help make mobile apps. Like over half of my couples they met over the internet. I also met them over the internet, after they had seen a waterfall engagement shoot that I shot a few months before. They  both love being in the outdoors and their wedding venue reflected their love of beautiful, natural outdoor spaces (which was in fact, not as far away from Bristol and Bath as you might imagine!).

Hottest wedding of the year?  I think it's quite likely to be. I don't think we will get hotter than 31 degrees, for a few more years!  Wedding photographers like shade, and there really wasn't much on this day, but I was so pleased that we managed to use every trick in the book,  to make a really lovely set of images, especially of the sunny ceremony, outdoors, beneath a canopy in the courtyard at this countryside wedding venue between Bristol and Bath.

The wedding dress was the seventh one that Becky tried and its simplicity shows really well in the photos. Her make-up stayed looking great throughout an outdoor ceremony in bright sun - her coolness and the skills of Helen Farley, the make-up artist, I'm sure helped here!

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wedding venue - Folly Farm, pensford, Bristol

wedding hair and make-up - helen farley

wedding cake - Hannah at Bath Baby Cakes

wedding dress - Gracie Wed2B

wedding flowers - The Blossom Parlour

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or scroll down for the highlights...

wedding couple photographed in soft, warm light at the end of the day

Sunset lighting wedding couple

mike helps becky with her wedding dress

bristol wedding photography of becky and mike at folly farm

wedding ceremony outdoors with lovely wild flowers at folly farm, bristol

getting ready for the wedding - matching bath robes!

wedding preparation: close your eyes

smile and make-up

mum looks on as bride becky gets ready

upon reflection

quiet contemplation amongst the trees as the bridal party get ready

wedding dress - gracie from wed2b

about to get into the wedding dress

bridesmaid Jan and bride Becky getting ready

one of becky's favourite photos as it captures the excitement about the day ahead

bridesmaids and flowers black and white composite image

excited, nervous and in awe

documentary wedding photography in bristol

these natural black and white photos show the emotion of the day: excitement as bridesmaid and bride put on the dress, emotion as dad sees his daughter for the first time in her dress and awe as the younger bridesmaids take it all in . Black and white photos bring the warmth of relationships to the fore, in this case between Becky and her mum as they get ready. 

beckys dad sees her for the first time

dad, you're not allowed to cry, yet!

First look at the bride for dad

wedding emotions to the fore

smiles as groom spends a lot of time tying pink ties

ushers adjusting wedding buttonholes

ushers, large and small

becky beaming as she is about to go down the aisle

Beaming bride and her father

groom , mike exchanges slightly nervous glances with his best man

here come the bridesmaids

wedding rings never seem to go on too easily!

the wedding ring goes on!

blue eyes : Mike loved this photo of Becky

Bride with blue eyes

about to kiss, look at the expressions behind!

About to kiss after the ceremony

signing the wedding register

what a view for the wedding ceremony - blue sky above folly farm

real smiles and a gentle moment of genuine relief after the wedding ceremony

confetti throw

another of becky favourites' where everyone was all over the place!" right after a group photo

I'm always watching people's hands -they say so much

an audience of friends

a present for you

black and white wedding couple portrait

relaxed natural wedding portrait

selfie time

groom's speech

best man's speech

the cake was too good: it had disappeared by the time the bride and groom got to it!

love and happiness to both of you..... messages on tiny jenga blocks

now for the giant jenga blocks, a delicate balancing act

on top of his game....

tumble down together

hand made ferrero rocher stand

weddings are always a great opportunity for families to spend some time together

dads encourage this young man who has an effective but unorthodox way of winning at skittles!

Toddler crashes skittles with Minion toy at wedding

mike's mum looks on during first dance

a moment of closeness


warm light beginning in the evening

wedding couple on winding path

folly farm has so many lovely green spaces to enjoy

becky liked this shot for 'it's soft light and reflective mood, at the end of a wonderful day'

wedding day ends with a silhouette

A wonderful, warm wedding : The couple were relaxed and  calm throughout , with time for everyone. There was lots for the  people to do and wonderful food. Mike and Becky enjoyed their time out to walk in the sunset in the amazing countryside . We made some really beautiful photos in the soft light and hopefully they capture the reflective mood at the end of the day. 'The day went quickly, very quickly!' said Becky. Its great then to have all these photos to re-live the emotions of the day again. Let me know your favourite parts of the day and the parts you will remember below... 

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