Tetbury wedding - Kate and Ashe. Dyrham Park then Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury.

Wedding venue: St Peter's Church, Dyrham Park    

Wedding Reception Venue: The Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury

Dress: Verina by Maggie Sottero from Prudence Gowns, Plymouth

Ring: Kirsty Taylor Jewellery

Scroll down for highlights of the day  or  click here for the full set of pictures

William Blathwayt, builder of Dyrham Park  married Mary on the same spot in St Peters Church, Dyrham on (almost) the same date in 1686(4 days later, to be exact). This day just over 3 centuries later however, belonged to Kate Collins and Ashe Palmer. I was so excited for Kate and Ashe ; not everyone gets married and then goes straight off to live in another stately home! Kate had just got a new job working for The National Trust at Arlington Court in Devon and was moving from Dyrham Park in Gloucestershire. Who would be the Lord of the new Manor? Ashe?

This was a warm wedding with lots of laughter and fun which reflected the couple so very well.Some of the highlights: a whirlwind of Kate's deeply coloured homemade rose petals (from the garden at Dyrham), priceless expressions of surprise and joy during the best mans speeches and dancing beneath a canopy of blue stars suspended from the half-timbered roof of the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury.

  • Unveiled

    Kate Collins gets ready for her wedding to Ashe Palmer. Hair stylist Hannah Pannell.

  • Hairspray

    Bride Kate Collins getting ready. I love these backlit images where you can see all the glistening droplets of hairspray frozen in mid-air.

  • Wedding dress gets cats approval

    Kate Collins cat emerges from the folds of her wedding dress before she puts it on to get married. Kate is a real cat lover and was aiming to take a nice image of her cats who were looking a little shy during the getting ready-phew - got one!

  • Groom getting ready

    Excited happy and just a little nervous,. Groom Ashe Jersey Palmer walks to Dyrham Park church carrying buckets of rose petal confetti an hour or so before the bride arrives

  • Jump up groom

    These guys were so full of energy, excitement and a just a few nerves before Kate and Ashes wedding at Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire. I often ask them to do something silly after a formal groom and ushers shot. I said "Jump" and this happened in an instant. No great orchestration needed. A lovely mix of different gestures reveals their individual characters. Not sure if the old guy looking on can understand what its all about but he definitely has an opinion. I wonder what he is thinking?

  • Ashes favourite picture with his ushers. Walking and laughing on the way to St Peters Church Dyrham.

  • Christmas Weding decoration

    Beautiful natural decorations on the way into the church at Dyrham Park , ready for the wedding of Kate and Ashe.

  • One of Kates favorite images: Heading into the church

  • Its all go says the Vicar!

    Vicar Tim Bell lets the Ushers know that the bride is on her way with a lovley positive gesture

  • Bride and her dad

    Kate Collins exchanges an affectionate glance with her dad Jeremy Collins on the way into the church at Dyrham Park.

  • First look

    Smiles and tears in the same wedding picture. Emotions always run high when those waiting patiently first set eyes on the bride. Here Ashe Palme is clearly happy (as is his best man JJSpencer!!). Tears of joy from the grandfather on the left complete the gamut of emotions in this image. Documentary wedding pictures help remind us so well of exactly how we felt on the wedding day.

  • A Christmas Wedding at Dyrham Park

    This wedding took place in the chapel at Dyrham park almost a hundred years ago to the day that William Blathwayt married Mary.

  • Vicar Tim Bell puts everyone at ease

    Laughter always quells a few nerves and ceremonies usually have a a good measure of each emotion. Capturing these emotions is the fun part for me!

  • We got married!

    Walking back down the aisle to applause from ther guests

  • Confetti

    Groom Ashe Palmer conducts the lauch of the most amazing quantity of beautiful deeply coloured rose petal confetti. I think Kate had dried all of these petals!

  • romantic kiss in the car

    Out of the rain, just in time

  • Sunshine on a rainy day

    One of Kate and Ashe's favourite images from their wedding at The Tythe Barn, Tetbury. It does look like a warm summers day but in fact it was raining just a little. The camera doesnt lie but, it can certainly fib about the weather! For more lovely wedding pics visit www.robertaucklandweddingphotography.co.uk

  • Kiss

    Winter colours in the leaves

  • Bride having fun

    A real smile and a lovely expression only come when something funny happens you cant manufacure them! I try to keep any posed wedding photos down to10 minutes as nobody really wants to spend all their wedding day posing for photos. I always seem to make the best shots when something happens inbetween posing. This is what happened here.For more unposed wedding pics visit www.robertaucklandweddingphotography.co.uk

  • surrounded by friends

    The view from above often shows the full picture so well at a wedding. I had to explore and got lost more than once on the circuitous route up to the balcony. Hope it was worth it. Thanks to Penney Ellis for her creative ideas with this image.For more wedding pics visit www.robertaucklandweddingphotography.co.uk

  • Mini me

    I have photographed 4 brides called Kate so far but I've never photographed a knitted couple! Here they happy knitted couple enjoy the view of the real couple from their viewpoint atop the cake. Documentary wedding pictures capture all the little details that can so easily get missed in wedding photos. For more quirky wedding pics visit www.robertaucklandweddingphotography.co.uk

  • That moment when everyone realises they have a card underneath their chair. during the Wedding speeches. A great way to involve your audience! I love the guy in the middle's grin.

  • Did the best man really say that?

    I love hearing the grooms exploits recounted in a best mans speech. Ashe jersey palmer listens to his Best man JJ Spencer.The expressions of surprise mixed with joy are just priceless. Documentary wedding picture convey these emotions so well.

  • Wedding kiss

    The Great Tythe barn in Tetbury has the most amazing tipee of blue stars suspended form its roof. The canopy of twinkling blue lights and the amazing half-timbering make the most amazing backdrop for wedding photos.

  • Married beneath the stars

    A canopy of blue stars above Ashe and Kate in the Tythe barn Tetbury

  • Through the blue stars

    Ashe and Kate on the balconty looking through the stars

  • Happy man

    First dance for Kate Collins and Ashe Palmer. Just married and feeling good. The warm vibes from this wedding image just spell out how they feel inside

  • In motion

    First Dance

  • Re-united

    It was great to get a pic of Ashe with his sisters at the end of the evening. Wedding of Kate Collins and Ashe Jersey Palmer at The Great Tythe barn, Tetbury

  • Dancefloor superstar

    Sliding and celebrating simultaneously as he zooms across the dancefloor. Comedian Peter Kaye would be proud of this little guy. I always catch at least one boy testing out the dancefloor.

  • Last dance

    Parents get the last dance. Weddings so often rekindle the emotions for the previous generation

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