bath wedding jo and andy

A beautiful intimate wedding ceremony of closest family followed by an evening reception with lots of friends and a dance floor filled with fun, kids and colour. Wick farm  was the perfect spot: set in the lush, green countryside near to the castle at Farleigh Hungerford. Below are Jo and Andy  beneath a stunning red sky as the sun set over Somerset .

venue -  wick farm , bath

wedding dress - anistasia by monsoon

wedding flowers - daisy chain, corsham

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red sky sunset wedding portrait

A swirling red sky predicts a fine future. Jo and Andys wedding at Wick Farm, nr Bradford-on-Avon.

woof! - a greeting for the photographer who arrived early to plan the wedding photography

black dog at wedding

I was greeted by this dog who sniffed me out through the  cat flap as I explored this beautiful spot for a wedding! I later heard that many years ago the farm was a kennels - but have to say I think it has been put to far better use as a beautiful countryside wedding venue.

groom andy greets best man and best friend

10bath wedding jo and andyDSCF6463  xt210

a hug for the best man as grooms dad looks on

pretty excited: bridesmaid darcy with mum looking forward to the wedding ceremony

Bridesmaid is excited as she looks forward to the ceremony

Looking through the reflections in the window of the big white vintage wedding car towards the small family ceremony that lies ahead

pointing to the ceremony

Bridesmaids ballet shoes

Wedding details can say so much: white and pink ballerina bridesmaids shoes look great against the red carpet of the vintage wedding car. 

warm reassuring glance between bride and daughter as they wait in the wedding car

Bride arrives

genuine smiles show in the eyes as bride jo and bridesmaids darcy and isla arrive with their wedding bouquets of pink and white roses

hold tight for the wedding : bouquets and hands

hands and wedding bouquets

simple and classic white and pink roses by amanda at daisy chain

hands and reflection

bride holding hands with the bridesmaid

I like the way the white swoosh of the vintage wedding car leads your eye to the bride holding the bridesmaids hand. 

early birds

Get me to the ceremony on time: these guys were 15 minutes early - leaving time for a leisurely walk to the ceremony

get me to the ceremony on time - its nice when brides are a little early - there is time to savour the moments of excitement with your bridesmaids!

down the steps to the ceremony

Off to the wedding ceremony

off we go to the ceremony: after a little time to savour the moments of excitement bride Jo and her two daughters, bridesmaids Darcy and Isla are helped down the steps by Hilary.

thanks for a beautiful reading


read with a smile-  young readers did so well in an emotional heartfelt ceremony 

tender moment between bride and her daughter

Tender moment

these little moments are what make up a wedding  and its an honour to document them for the wedding couple

there to support each other

Ceremony is done

that moment of relief and happiness :bride and groom take their first steps together to applause form their close family

we're married !

Elated after the wedding ceremony - carrying the wedding certificate

We tied the knot! : Andy is elated as bride and groom depart with their wedding certificate

wedding hair

Jos hair

hair up with pearl bridal hairpiece and earrings

wedding streamers

greeted by streamers after the ceremony

greeted by streamers after the ceremony

greeted by wedding guests

wick farm wedding jo and andy

Stream of smiles: guests greet the wedding couple with streamers after the ceremony

heartfelt wedding hug

warm hugs

Double hug: wedding hugs for bride and groom, feeling relaxed after the ceremony

wedding cake showstopper

naked wedding cake

my mouth was watering as I took this picture!  a victoria sponge layererd wedding cake with a lemon curd layer ontop and a strawberry layer beneath, decorated with pink and white roses to match the bouquet and berry fruit

lemon victoria sponge top of the wedding cake

wedding cake

victoria sponge cake oozing lemon curd

wedding canap├ęs

wedding canapes

crisp filo wedding canapes and smoked salmon nibbles

which is your favourite wedding sweetie?

sampling the sweet shop goodies

kids savouring each of the different wedding sweeties straight from their stripey retro bags

resting pint

coaster girl

heads up to dad for original pint placement- it didn't last long, but thankfully everyone remained dry!

warm wedding, calm candlelight


lighting your wedding venue with candles always creates a calm mood.

bubble battle

Bubble battle

There was so much for kids to do at this wedding - it was non -stop play time. These guys took the crown for doing everyhting at once! A kind of Robin Hood does bubble battle with the Sherriff of Somerset.

what shall I wear next?

get me to the party

this young chap made the most of the wedding day by wearing  every conceiveable combination of dressing up gear!

Wow look at that bubble!

Whopping weddin bubble

Bridesmaid Darcy blows the bubble of the wedding day at Wick Farm, Somerset, near Bradford -on -Avon

join the wedding groovy train

join the fancy dress train - these guys were making the most of the photo box of dressing up clothes - modelling them to a tee!

join the fancy dress train - these guys were making the most of the photo box of dressing up clothes - modelling them to a tee!

Ron makes a heartfelt and warming first wedding speech

rons heartfelt speech

A lovely start to the wedding speeches at Wick Farm, Bath.

head to head: groom and best man

Head to head

a grin from the best man as groom, Andy hands over the microphone with just a little trepidation

the groom is not yet embarrassed by the best man's speech

best man speech

Groom Andy remains defiant despite a barrage of very funny accountant jokes

how to embarrass the groom

Best mans speech

a very assured and really funny best man's speech was met with lots of laughter

wedding toast


Cheers! After a some great speeches and a lot of laughter

first dance

first dance

lovely expressions during first dance at wedding reception

don't miss the first dance photographers !

first dance as a couple

First dance in the dark : bride and groom embrace warmly

can we join in the first dance too!?

family cuddle

Yes, of course!. The things that happen on the spur of the moment are what make a wedding day. Documentary wedding photography captures these parts of the day.

dancing with dad

dad and daughter at wedding evening reception

darcey and groom Andy

lovely smiles from bride Jo and bridesmaid Darcy during first dance

daughter and mum happy at evening wedding receptiom

first dance with kids

celebrating with a first dance

mum and daughter dance at wedding

bride and daughter dance at wedding

bride and groom joined by their kids during the first dance

family embrace at wedding

one of the nicest moments of the wedding day when the kids came to join in with the first dance

family hug during first dance at wedding reception

first dance family hug

weddings often remindthe guests of their closeness 

classic bride and groom wedding rings

205bath wedding jo and andyDSCF8639  xt2205

wedding rings sparkle 

dance floor colour

dancefloor colour

a tambourine and a tommy cooper hat from the dressing up box put to great use on the wedding dance floor 

air guitar competition?

boy playing the air guitar at wedding

a great band always gives the inspiration for some air guitar to the younger wedding guests. Thank you to The Clones.

taking to the wedding dance floor with her air guitar

chords on the air guitar

playing some chords on the air guitar against a background of wedding fairy lights

dancing beneath a canopy of lights at the wedding reception

illuminated on the dancefloor

dad sings the tune on the wedding dance floor

Dad sings the tune

A great band and a lot of kids always makes for a fun-packed colourful wedding dancefloor!

I felt honoured to be present at this wedding and to document a funny, emotional, wedding with some of the most touching moments as the kids joined in during the first dance...... do get in touch, leave a comment or share below

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