janes birthday photos - chasing bubbles

Matt got in touch because his Mum was 70 and he had planned what sounded like an amazing party with the help of his family. A weekend family get together with a beautiful chocolate and raspberry  cake and wonderful food in a vicarage with lots of outdoor space. He asked for "creative, expressive and inventive photography of their family".  What a great brief, I thought - music to my ears. We talked about exactly what he had in mind and how we might make the great pictures he was after, whilst not taking over the day. We agreed that to get natural images that really reflected the personalities of everyone ( 14 family members in total) would need time: half a day rather than half an hour. Of course only a few minutes of each persons time would be spent on posed photos, the rest of the time would be about having fun and exploring whist I tried to capture whatever unfolded. We needed activities to keep Jonty (3) , Maddie (2), Juliette(6), Theo(9) and Jethro(11) all happy and in a state of flow throughout the shoot so their natures and uniqueness would show through in the pictures. Matt had seen a photo I had taken of a child playing as backlit snowflakes fell around her so I immediately thought that bubbles could provide a summer alternative and make some beautiful photos. After bubble-blowing , swing-pushing and trampolining everyone had had a great time and we made lovely images, without impeding the flow of such a wonderful family birthday celebration. We had a hilarious time trying to light the candles on Jane's beautiful birthday cake, with cardigan shielding not preventing the slightest of wind blowing them all out very rapidly. No matter, we went indoors and managed to capture the very instant that Jonty leaned over and blew the candles out !

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