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You want a great photo of your dog, cat, horse or guinea pig, but you're just a little worried that he or she might not behave for the camera?  Don't worry...I will do everything to make sure that your animal stays relaxed and happy and has fun whilst I snap away. A well planned pet session with your animal in an environment where they feel at ease makes all the difference.  I am equally at home photographing animals outdoors (come rain or shine!) or in the comfort of your home. Get in touch on 07973397364 to discuss your pet and what makes them special and I will do all that I can to make sure their unique personality shines through in the photographs!

dog and owner outdoors photo shoot

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Capturing the relationship between you and your animal is what matters most to me as a photographer. This is why I always like to begin by finding out all about you and your pet, ideally in person , but a Zoom meeting can also work well. 

Here are some answers to FAQ about pet photo shoots:

What do I need to bring to the photo shoot?

Plenty of treats and toys are invaluable when it comes to persuading your pet to look in the right direction.

What should we wear for an animal photo shoot?

Plain and simple clothes WITHOUT logos or patterns always work best. I always recommend that owners bring a change of top. If it is a muddy location then bring a change of trousers too. Jeans and neutral colours tend to work better than bold colours. Simple or minimal leads for dogs are better than harnesses, and again bringing an extra lead is always a great idea.

Should I bring warm clothes for my pet photography session?

Do bring lots of warm clothing. Cold people never look as relaxed and happy as warm people!

What if the weather for my pet photo shoot is poor?

If we are shooting outdoors, I choose locations with some tree cover which means we can shoot in all but the heaviest of rain. If torrential wind and rain are forecast I will notify you the day prior to the shoot so we can rearrange a new time for the shoot.

dog portrait with amazing eyes

pointer with warm eyes
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