waterfall engagement brecon alice and luke

engaged couple set off on adventure

engaged - alice & luke

Engagement photography, a mountainous walk and a beautiful Brecon waterfall .. whats not to love about this combination? Alice & Luke walk off along the path to a waterfall for some romantic outdoor engagement photographs. Their red jackets compliment the gorgeous green leaves so well.

embrace in the rain

embrace in the rain

Warm rain can feel so sublime - compared to the cold windy stuff! The journey to the waterfall for Alice and Luke's engagement shoot was a rainy one - but it was warm rain, thankfully! Despite the rain you can almost feel the warm glow between them.

view of the waterfall

Eternal flow

There is something special about the sound and power of water which might well fall forever.  I love the way Alice's hair is tumbling down mirroring the water infront of them.

couple hug amongst green leaves

Engaged couple hug

Alice and Luke seemed so genuinely happy to be outside and to be together and I think it shows. A real hug is hard to stage or set up, its much better to wait till one comes.

green and gold photo of engaged couple

Engaged couple beneath canopy of green leaves

The canopy of lush green leaves works really well with the warm colours of their outfits.

engaged couple heading down to the waterfall

Green and gold. engaged couple

A helping hand over the slippery rocks to get to closer to the waterfall.

crashing water

A nice moment as the eatrfall crashed down

A bit like being near the sea there is something a bit special about how you feel when the waterfall is crashing down behind you. It was hard to hear each other talk, so loud was the sound of the waterfall.

relaxed Alice looking great and smiling

Untitled photo

Climbing down a path of wet rocks to a pool. A group were jumping off a high rock and splashing down into the plunge pool of the waterfall. You can just see their red and orange wetsuits to the left of the photo.


Green ferns

Luke is a homeopath and Alice a head gardener for the National Trust. I hope the focus on ferns here mirrors their careers.  I chose this image for the smile and the connection between Luke and Alice. Alice's hair is moving and I love that too!


Untitled photo

relaxed engaged couple

In the garden

waterfall couple

waterfall engagement shoot brecon

walking barefoot

engaged couple explore lush green woodland together

The sensations and the pace of a barefoot wander in a beautiful place are perfect for making great photos. Everything slows down and you can savour the place and your feelings.

The rock

looking forward to a future together

We had a wonderful mini adventure and it was one of the best days of my year, I hope Alice and Luke would say the same.  Driving for 3 hours and walking for at least 3 more to seek out  the amazing places amongst these beautiful waterfalls in Brecon was challenging. But so worth it!

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Slideshow of Alice and Luke

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