roman baths engagement photography bath, england

newly engaged couple Brinda and Kishan reflected in the roman baths

Roman baths engaemnt photography

The most romantic spot in the UK to propose?   The flickering, orange torchlight reflected in  these Roman Baths right in the centre of the city of Bath make it a  such a wonderful place.  This is where Kishan asked Brinda to marry him. 

Kishan proposes to Brinda infront of the stone pillars of the Roman Baths

Will you marry me?

It was such an honour to be there at the instant that Kishan proposed. He had scattered the floor with petals and found a beautiful spot to propose, right next to the torchlit waters of the baths. The moment just after proposing is such tender one!

roman statues were the only people to witness this engagement!

The moment after getting engage

I wonder if the statues have witnessed lots of other proposals? Romans began bathing here in 70AD, so maybe they have?!

bath abbey engagement couple Brinda and Kishan

engaged infront of bath abbey

The Great Bath is overlooked by Bath Abbey and the arches make for a beautiful and dramatic photos of an engagement or wedding.


Framed by Roman Pillars

When the couple can forget the photographer is there, then we can make some beautiful, real images that truly show how they feel.

engaged couple Brinda and Kishan

romantic warm couple photo

Smiling and relaxed.

natural couple photo of Brinda and Kishan

I can hear your heart beating

I often ask couples if they can hear their hearts beating!

windswept engaged couple

natural engaged couple

Outside the baths a gale was blowing. Inside was surprisingly calm. But a little of the wind crept in and helped give a windswept feel to one or two of the photos!  

engaged couple photo

newly engaged couple ,brinda and kishan

So, what makes the roman baths such an amazing spot for engagement photos or wedding photos?  It has the most beautiful stone which bounces the light and softens it, but perhaps just as importantly it is open for weddings and photo shoots at the very best times of day: dawn and dusk , when the warm light floods in and  compliments skin so beautifully.

If you're interested in booking this venue for sunrise or sunset weddings, click here

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