pulteney bridge proposal photography bath katie and steve

Steve had planned a weekend away and had told Katie about the photo shoot he had arranged, but not about his plans to propose, midway through the shoot!   I was very excited for them both and was looking forward to capturing the moment as it unfolded. Steve and Katie were so  relaxed and at ease with each other, they seemed to forget about the camera after only a few minutes of shooting. Shooting in a city in the rain can sometimes add a windswept, cinematic feel  as the traffic moves by and I hope that is what we achieved here! Let me know in the comments at the end , if you agree.

black and white bridge in bath - pulteney street couple photo

pulteney bridge proposal

This image was taken  just before Steve asked Katie to marry him in the wonderful ( but admittedly windswept) streets of Bath on Valentine's week end. Pulteney bridge does make a great backdrop for romantic black and white couple photos! 

couple enjoying the rain in bath in black and white

Rainy walk round the city of Bath

Steve and Katie were so  relaxed and at ease with each other, they seemed to forget about the camera after only a few minutes of shooting. Umbrellas at the ready, we set off on a  walk round Bath.

couple with umbrellas, empire hotel, bath

Untitled photo

Sometimes you can have the best time in the worst weather. It all depends on if you are with someone you love. The rain definitely didn't dampen Katie and Steve's spirits! 

infront of the empire, bath

Untitled photo

Dark skies and bright lights in the city of Bath.

black and white moment as Steve goes down on one knee and proposes to Katie

Steve went down on one knee to ask the question in the centr of Bath

What an honour to photograph the moment Katie said yes!

sharing that moment together

Untitled photo

I am always trying to be forgotten as a photographer. It leads to such lovely photos when the couple do forget me, as they seemed to here.

engaged couple kiss infront of traffic in bath

Untitled photo

I think I subliminally made a photo a little like 'The Kiss' by the french black and white documentary photography Robert Doisneau. I always liked his image because time seemed to stand still for a second as the couple kissed in Paris.  Click here to find out more about the Kiss -an iconic photo that symbolises love in Paris .

Colour couple kiss infront of traffic passing by in bath street

Stopping Traffic

Cinematic colour or dramatic black and white? I still don't know which I prefer for this image of a kiss?

bright lights behind couple in bath

Eye to eye

 Real expressions always seem to show in the eyes.

steve and katie hug in street

Right after he proposed

What it feels like when you've just got engaged!

cascade of bright lights in Bath

Leading light

Cold?Wet?Windswept? It didn't matter!  All that mattered was that Katie and Steve had just got engaged.

To see a full gallery of all 50 or so images from the shoot  click here (this will redirect you to Shootproof where you can order any prints/wall art you need)

click thumbnail below to see a video of more images from the shoot

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