bristol engagement photographs becky and mike

I love it when couples ask for outdoor engagement photo shoots in beautiful place, especially when the place is where they love to go and walk or have spent a lot of time together. Becky and Mike have visited this spot in Greyfriars Wood near Bristol in all seasons and felt truly at home there .... you can see this so clearly in their engagement pictures. If you are looking for ideas and locations for engagement photography then the waterfall in Greyfield Wood, just south of Bristol is not a bad place to start! 

engaged couple black and white light and moment

woodland engagement platinum balck and white image

Last shot of the day. Light fading. Platinum evening light just making it through the leaves to fall on the engaged couple. I love Becky's expression. It's so easy to give up and go home that little bit to soon .... but we stayed wandering through the water just down from the waterfall and the soft light rewarded us with a romantic engagement photo. 

whirl of late sunlight

light and moment

This black and white engagement photo seems to bring emotion to the fore compared to a colour photo . The soft cyanotype tone always gives a creamy gentle look that works so well with low evening light as it fades.

engaged couple in woodland landscape

Untitled photo

This engagement image feels somehow like a landscape painting. Its not just the couple - there are two more tiny figures, if you look hard for them! 

engaged couple in tree pose!

Untitled photo

Not quite yoga. They do look happy together, though.

the heart between us

heart between us

I didn't see the heart shape between Becky and Mike until after the engagement photo shoot. 

as the water of the waterfall whispers past

waterfall engagement couple

We visited Greenfield wood in search of the waterfall and after a good hour of walking we arrived. Then a climb to this spot with the green trees behind and the water washing past Becky and Mike.

umbrella engagement photo

Untitled photo

It always rains en route to a waterfall and sure enough as we  approached up went the brolly. Red and green is one of my favourite contrasting colour pairs

looking at you

red dress and lush green leaves

Just being is often enough, sometimes the picture is better if you don't try to hard or smile too much. A more contemporary engagement photo.

the fire in our hearts

triangle of light

Rembrandt painted with his subjects angled to the window so they had a triangle of light kissing their cheek,  just like this. I always look for it ... following in the footsteps of the dutch master painters. The shimmer in the foreground  is  sequins which mirror the green tree highlights.

summer engagement picture

engagement couple in lush green woodland

an autumn engagement photo session but the leaves were still lush and green.

contemporary engagement photo

Untitled photo

Light from the green forest leaves is refracted through a prism to make this engagement portrait just ever so slightly different. I shot through prisms, glass rings, semi reflective glass and sequins on this pre-wedding photo session. Why? They scatter the light before it enters the lens and this looks more real and believable than heavily photoshopped photos of couples. Perhaps because we once all looked at images full of optical and film imperfections taken in our childhoods. 

beneath a canopy of green

Untitled photo

when you relax in natural surroundings your  feelings always seem to  come to the fore.

engaging smile

Untitled photo

This pre-wedding picture session took place in Grayfield Wood. Its almost a hundred acre wood South of Bristol, near Chew Magna in the village of High Littleton. Once part of  the Earl of Warwick's hunting estate, it is a great place for adventuring and enjoying the wonderful trees and wildlife.The waterfall is a big draw but there are bluebells in Spring and it makes great location for an engagement  shoot.  If you would like some photography there before your wedding then get in touch below....Always a great way to melt away any nerves about your wedding day photographs, and to get a lovely shot of you both for those save the date cards! 

You can see the full set of around 50 hi -res images of Becky and Mike's engagement here

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